• Cinematography

    TA Films specializes in being a full-service production company. Our production services include videography and cinematography. Our team of talented filmmakers will arrive on scene with the right equipment and ready to record the highest quality video. Our team includes individuals with successful histories operating as Director of Photography. In addition to on-field, we are also adept at recording high quality video within TA Films Studios. Our assortment of specialty 4K camera systems, a wide variety of lenses, stands, and professional studio-style lighting will ensure that we are always able to get the right shot. We also go above and beyond with our state-of-the-art aerial camera drone equipped with a MOVI gimbal stabilizer for awe-inspiring video. The type of film that we shoot includes, but is not limited to, field production, studio production, live action shoots, multi-camera shoots, green-screen shoots, interview shoots, time-lapse video, and still photography. We work across a multitude of genres including all-access sports programming, documentaries, reality TV, commercials, and feature film.

  • Audio/Post-Mixing

    We value the correct capture of pristine audio just as much as we do video. Audio is the backbone of the stories that we tell. The TA Films team is able to capture excellent sound through our wireless powerhouse system. Chandler Harkey, our Director of Field Audio, is the mastermind behind our system that allows us to get optimal audio for our productions. We rely on our Sound Devices 688 mixer allowing up to 12 channels of isolated audio recording. When coupled with our top of the line Lectrosonic wireless transmitters and receivers, this system allows for endless audio possibilities. On the field, our team is experienced with wiring people, players, and coaches in order to get the best audio clips from our lavalier mics. The various on-site audio equipment is all controlled portably from a central manned system by an experienced audio technician. In conjunction with the work from our cameramen, our audio capture completes a crucial part of our high quality productions. Being full-service, we also take the audio into post-production in order for it to be the best possible. We edit the individual tracks of audio and master them into one seamless, high quality sound experience.

  • Editing

    After the contents of a project are recorded, the post-production process begins.  Editing is a crucial component of post-production that our skilled team is well equipped to do. We use and are proficient with Adobe software, including the latest always-updated versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. With these programs, we are able to video edit raw footage, add special effects, enhance and mix audio, create graphics, correct color, and craft a final production that tells the story we intended. Much of our editing occurs in TA Films Studios, which is outfitted with an edit room containing four powerful Mac computers, external storage archives, and all of the right hardware and software to get the job done. Also in TA Films Studios, a finish edit suite allows for a comfortable area where the client(s) can view the project on a large screen. We are also capable of editing on site within our mobile studio.

  • Gear Rental

    We offer affordable renting prices for much of the equipment that we own. Our gear includes specialty 4k camera systems such as Canon EOS C300 and C500, available with both Mark I and Mark II, EF and PL capabilities. Our state-of-the-art Arri Amira has Oscar-winning image quality, and is the go-to camera for NFL Films' tight spiral shots. We also offer an assortment of Go Pros and accessories for them. We have an array of camera accessories including handles, shoulder mounts, and monitors. Whatever your camera needs are, we more than likely have you covered through our rental system. We also offer a wide assortment of lenses and adapters for them to fit. Our inventory of lights, including the powerhouse AAdynTech The Punch Plus light, provide excellent studio-style lighting. Camera sliders from brands such as Ninja Dolly help get a smooth, precise shot. Our cutting-edge Freefly Alta camera drone provides the best aerial technology on the market, along with the MOVI steadicam stabalizer in order to get the best shot. Our inventory will also meet all of your audio needs, from boom mics to lav mics. Check out our gear in depth and what is currently available to be rented through our equipment page.

  • Mobile Studio

    One of the valuable, unique resources that TA Films has is its mobile studio. We have outfitted a 2015 Ford Transit cargo van to become the quintessential traveling film production vessel. The mobile studio can transport a crew, equipment, and editing stations all at once.  This allows our team to conveniently show up on site with everything we need to perform both production and post-production tasks. We take pride in our exceptional efficiency, and the state-of-the-art mobile studio is one of the tools that our team uses to go above and beyond expectations. For more information, visit the Mobile section of the TA Films Studios page.

  • TA Films Studios

    In the heart of NASCAR country in Mooresville, NC, you will find TA Films Studios. Located just north of Charlotte, TA Films Studios is perfect for a private work environment away from the distractions that a bustling city would contain. Our facility is comprised of 13,000 square feet of workspace equipped to handle cinematography and photography productions. Multiple cyclorama walls are great for projects of any size that require a white wall, or green/blue screen. There is also a professional, light-gridded TV studio set that can be customized as needed. Multiple editing stations allow for post-production within the studio as well. TA Films Studios has the convenience of being the storage location for TA Films equipment, which can be rented along with the studio space for all your production needs. For more information, visit the TA Films Studios page, or for inquiries about renting, please contact us.