About TA Films

TA Films is an Emmy Award-winning full service production company   devoted to using the latest filmmaking technology to tell a story. Based out of Charlotte, NC, our company specializes in providing all-access content in sports programming, documentaries, reality TV, commercials, and feature film, among other genres. We pride ourselves in taking a concept through all stages of production and post-production. We have a team of talented filmmakers who are passionate about creating unique experiences by bringing stories to life.

We are in the business of capturing moving pictures, but we pride ourselves in both capturing and moving emotions. One of the most powerful capabilities that we all have is the ability to evoke another’s emotions. Our obsession with film stems from our enthusiasm to not only make you see, but to also make you feel.



About TA Films
About Tyler

Long before Tyler Adams founded TA Films in 2013, his undeniable passion for film was guiding his path. While attending Appalachian State University, he established a new department within the football program responsible for highlight, recruiting, and fundraising videos. During his tenure, App State won 3 National Championships, 6 conference championships, defeated the #5 Michigan Wolverines, and the athletic fundraising dollars quadrupled. Tyler left App State to begin working for NASCAR Media Group as a Cinematographer, Producer, and Editor. He was able to work on numerous high profile, Emmy award winning productions while learning from some of the best. Today, Tyler is the CEO of TA Films and continues to dedicate himself in directing and producing cinematic experiences while leading the talented TA Films team.

Meet the Team
  • Zach Drechsler

    Zach Drechsler

    Zach is an Appalachian State University graduate and Cinematographer and Editor at TA Films. He is deeply passionate about the creative process of production, from the field to the editing bay. When he isn't behind a camera or keyboard and mouse, he enjoys playing guitar, riding bikes, working on his ping pong skills, and showering his cat Henry with treats.

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  • Chandler Harkey

    Chandler Harkey

    Chandler, our Director of Location Sound, is a 10 year veteran in the video production industry and a Jack of all trades. When he’s not behind the microphone capturing pristine audio, he can be found operating the MoVi, piloting the Atla 6 flying drone, rigging GoPros, as well as countless other important duties that require attention to fine detail and technical know-how.

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  • Will Rooney

    Will Rooney

    As Manager of Digital Content and Studio Operations, Will handles TA Films' content on the growing digital archive, social media, website, and various projects. Will helps run the digital operation from the company's home base. Will’s love for filmmaking goes back to his childhood, where directing and acting in home videos was one of his favorite activities.

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  • Adam King

    Adam King

    As a musician, it was a natural transition for Adam to pursue a career as Sound Mixer. A talented drummer for a band the performs regularly, Adam's ability to record harmonious sound translates to his ability to capture it for us as well. Adam attended Appalachian State University where where he studied Broadcast Media and Music.

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  • Aaron Conner

    Aaron Conner

    Aaron's passion for sports is a perfect fit for the TA Films team. As a former athlete, Aaron has learned valuable lessons as well as formed bonds that have molded him as a professional. Aaron brings his talents from the Appalachian State football video staff. Whether behind the camera or in the editing suite, Aaron is valuable as as a Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor.

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  • Ryan Gladstone

    Ryan Gladstone

    Ryan, the newest member of TA Films, joins the team as a Cinematographer, Grip, and Audio Mixer. For Ryan, video production runs in his blood as his dad is a career-long audio and cameraman. Ryan has been working a camera since he was young, and has previously worked with CBS news. An App State graduate and resident of the mountains, Ryan loves kayaking and slacklining.

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  • Roddey Sterling Jr.

    Roddey Sterling Jr.

    TA Films and Roddey Sterling Jr. have a close partnership that began years ago at the start of Roddey's racecar driving career. Off the track, Roddey's eccentric personality combined with his marketing and business acumen makes him a valuable member of TA Films. Roddey oversees the continuous growth of TA Films Studios as the head of Sales and Studio Development.

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  • Chris Mathew

    Chris Mathew

    Chris Mathew is the Principal of 4-2-4 Ventures, LLC, a strategic management advisory services company based out of Charlotte. Chris is also the Business Manager of TA Films. Chris specializes in contract negotiation, content strategy, and building brands. His experience includes working for SME Branding, Brandthink, NASCAR, Madison Square Garden, and Raycom Media.

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